Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Poor Lil' Boy

Well my friends, my dear, sweet little boy is still sick. He's been sick for a month now. He started with teething woes back in the last week of October. He caught a virus, in part, because his immune system was low due to teething. The virus caused a high fever. After we thought we'd finished the virus, he got bronchitis. They prescribed amoxicillin for the bronchitis to help fight the infection in his lungs and help him breathe. On day 7 of a 10 day dose, Evan had a terrible allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. We were, of course, out of state. We had to go to St. Johns in Springfield, MO. They were not very helpful. They told us he was having a "classic" allergic reaction to amoxicillin and gave us a dose of benedryl. That's seriously all the did.

Evan was so swollen that his forehead overlapped his eyebrows! His hands and feet were swollen to 2 or 3 times their normal size. He was covered everywhere from head to toe with raised, red, ugly spots. On November 17, we went to a new pediatrician and he gave us a dose of steriods. By November 24 (1 week later), Evan's rash was nearly gone; however, on November 25th the rash was back in full force! This was an indicator that Evan either had a new allergic reaction or there was something else going on. We've tried several medicines to fight the swelling and pain and itching. Yesterday Evan was hysterical with was terrible.... I called the nurse line at the ped and left a message (I was nearly hysterical myself and I'm sure they could tell I was crying). Anyway, they were wonderful. The nurse called back in 10 minutes and the doctor called back to speak with me personally within another 10 minutes. They called in some new meds and they seem to help some. At least Evan can sleep a little now. He had been unable to sleep much because of the discomfort. He had large, dark bags under his sad.

They've drawn blood a couple times. He does not have a virus right now. He does not have a food allergy. If he's still sick on Monday, the doctor is going to get him an appointment with a specialist. They may have to do a skin biopsy. I can't stomach the thought.

Dr. Raley thinks that this may be stemming from the virus Evan had at the beginning of November. He's seen it once before.

I'm trying everything to relieve some of Evan's discomfort, and sometimes it helps. I've used 1/2 a tub of vaseline in the last 10 days. The hives dry out his skin to the point it cracks if I don't keep it lathered in vaseline. I lather him up 2-4 times a day.

If you pray, please pray for my lil' Evan. If you don't pray, please give it a try. :-) I feel so helpless.


Sarah said...

I'm praying for little Evan and I'm praying for you too. Hold strong, Johnna and keep the faith.

Love you!

Rachel said...

Oh dear, praying for you all. Comfort for little Evan and for you, it's terrible when your little one is uncomfortable and you can't find something to make it better. Hopefully the new meds are working and you have answers (and a healthy boy) soon!!